I Was Serving the Liturgy…

at Holy Resurrection Church in Fargo, North Dakota yesterday and as I was serving I heard the voices of children who had joined in with the choir. They were not polished voices, they were simple, pure, pious, and innocent voices which is much to be preferred if a choice must be made, and they reminded me, as well, of those days when I had a simple, and unsophisticated as the world would see it,  faith. Could it be possible that the whole point of this beautiful path, this life of Faith, is to, even knowing what we all do in the complicated adult life, get back to that place where our faith is like a child’s and we can sing from our hearts the songs of Faith?


2 thoughts on “I Was Serving the Liturgy…

  1. I think it is possible. I find that as I go through life, I get a better appreciation of what is really important. I no longer worry about impressing those around me. I thank God for His simple blessings.


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