Homily, March 5, 2023

At 62 I’m rounding the corner on the way to a quarter century in the Orthodox Church. Scandals? I’ve seen them, more than I want to see. If you’re looking for a community of perfect people this isn’t it, myself included. I’ve seen leaders fall, people leave in grief, and those I thought were deeply … Continue reading Homily, March 5, 2023

Homily February 12, 2023

Homily February 12, 2023 There are days when you think about what you could’ve done, what you should’ve done, the chances you missed, and how everything got so messy so quickly.  That’s shame for you. I’m not speaking about the kind of shame people put on you to manipulate, coerce, or control. There’s a different … Continue reading Homily February 12, 2023

Homily September 4

Homily 9/4/22 It’s both simple and beyond comprehension, historical fact and eternally significant. An ancient story still shaping the present with the beauty of a flower and the dogged perseverance of a military force. Over two millennia ago God became part of that which He created, entering the world in real time and space so … Continue reading Homily September 4

Sunday, August 28

Homily August 28, 2022 One of the most freeing things in life is the realization you’re a sinner. People don’t like to hear about their soft spots, their shadows, the places where they’ve been “less than” and the reality that perfection has more often than not been absent from their lives. It’s embarrassing. It shatters … Continue reading Sunday, August 28

Sunday, July 31

Homily  July 31, 2022 Do you know why political campaigns produce negative ads? They’re not to convince voters from the other candidates to reconsider their choices because of new, and damaging, information. They’re designed, instead, to keep their own people in line by using fear, personal fear of the other candidate, fear of their character, … Continue reading Sunday, July 31

T0 Make Unhuman

Human beings have an instinctive, some would say "God given," revulsion to killing other humans. It appears to be as ancient as we are and the vast majority of human cultures have seen such killing as among the ultimate offenses and apply penalties appropriate to the crime. Such is our instinct. So those who wish … Continue reading T0 Make Unhuman