The building was empty…

this morning, the parking lot, too. Tuesday morning and time to make ready.

Some times its good to be alone in the church. It gives perspective. Just time alone in the nave and the sanctuary, setting up candles, making sure the readings are in place. Cleaning up after the altar boys. When no one is there a wonderous silence pervades it all.

Yes, the building is indeed for use. Its a place of worship, of service, of learning, of confession, and of hope. Its probably true the place is empty far too often and that emptiness is a sign of opportunities lost, of things left undone, and thwarted possibilities.

Yet on an early Tuesday morning, caugh up in the routine of preparation there is a beautful silence to the place. One can think. One can pray. One can rest in the presence of holiness even as the mundane is accomplished.

It’s a kind of worship, setting candles, polishing icons, making sure the things that need to be full are full and that which requires emptying is emptied. The music is the sound of the cloths on the altar. The readings are in the quiet arrangements. The glory is in realizing that even in the absence of people the holy remains.

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