I suppose, my heart will give way. Tough luck with hearts seems to run in the family. Not to worry, though, because there is a gift in it all.

A life wish, a sense of perspective, a certain kind of positive urgency, all of these are the gifts of knowing that its quite possible that one day my heart will just stop. No time to waste. No time to slough off. Take everything good and leave the bad behind. Keep close to God. Love people and not things. Play music with passion. Enjoy the beauty of creation. Laugh often.

If I make it to 60 I’ll be doing better than average. If life somehow has me scheduled for fourscore or more it’s still good to live this way. Life is just different, I suppose, when you have a family history of touch luck with hearts.

0 thoughts on “Someday…”

  1. I suppose you’re eating right and exercising and all that jazz—-so, you’re better informed, and most likely, will out-live your relatives!!! But, I really liked your post, food for thought, always 🙂


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