It was good to be in Somerset, Wisconsin, today.

There have been too many sirens, too many people, and too much pace in my life these past weeks and the toll had been exacted in every part of me. Somerset, a small town in the rolling hills of western Wisconsin within an easy drive of my house in the big city is a tonic for such times. You can feel the pace decrease, smell the wind as it blows through your open car windows, and look around as the buildings fade into farms and woods.

If there were any kind of appropriate work in such a place a part of me would love to leave it all behind spend the rest of my life on a Saturday porch while the spring sun warms me and the quiet soothes. The older I get the less I like the sheer noise of the city and today I found Somerset.

My work, my life, my calling have all taken me to the big city and part of me is just tired of traffic, cement, and learning how to tell gun fire from fireworks in the night. Still, if I must be here it’s  good to know that there is a Somerset within an easy drive so I can plan my escape.

And I will.

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