You Will Be Out of Step

if you live this Orthodox life. There’s no question about it. Out of step with the flow of the world around you. It really can’t be any other way.

I’m thinking about this as Lent is drawing near with its Wednesday and Friday services and, in our area, Sunday afternoon Pan-Orthodox vespers. Then, of course, there’s Holy Week. Even outside of Lent my schedule is just different because my Faith calculates time with little thought to the commercial, social, and digital world in which I live. When something has to give its that larger world and not the world of my Faith that has to do the giving. It’s just part of how this thing called Orthodoxy works.

What I’m trying to value is out of step as well. If I am to seriously be Orthodox my political life, as this is an election year here in the United States, will never quite fit in any of the categories provided for me. The same for my economic life. As the culture changes my views on sexuality and family are becoming way out of the mainstream, and lately I’ve been noticing it all.

It’s probably because of where I believe I’m headed. I’m trying to be wherever Jesus is and although I’m not even close to being good at it I still want to try. As I get older I understand more and more that when that’s your destination things are just going to be different, and I’ll be different, too, just a bit out of step with the world around me, attached but not too tightly, and traveling on a path at variance with the paths around me.

All of this is not a complaint, but rather a statement of fact. One of the great blessings of growing older is the lessening of the pressure to be like everyone else. I’m much more comfortable in the understanding that my Faith will mean that some days I will truly be out of step with the world around me. Still, as I get closer to home I also understand in ever greater depth why this is the way it must be and the joy of it all increases as well.


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