Being Orthodox…

When times are challenging I’m reminded of how good it is to be an Orthodox Christian. Now that’s not a put down of anyone else so much as a simple remembrance of the great gifts that Orthodoxy shares with unworthies like myself.

Connected directly to Christ through the Apostles? Check. Over 2000 years of lived experience and wisdom in the Faith? Check. Saints and friends to guide, and pray for, me as I live this life? Check. Rock solid commitment to everything that truly matters in the Faith? Check. True love and mercy from the Source of such things? Check.

Certainly I know that I’m a sinner and need to always keep close to God. I know, as well, that I’m in a community of people like me so everything isn’t hunky dory all the time. Still, however the world goes  I’ve been given much, all of it underserved but still gratefully received. If the world does temporarily go to hell in a handbasket (and my Faith teaches me that all such times are only temporary)  I’m glad I have something deep, rooted, and strong, even in weakness, to help see me through.

Sometimes that can make all the difference.

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