The Whole World…

lies naked before God. In His eyes there are no deceptions possible, no lies that cannot be discovered, no secrets left hidden, no motives exposed. All is truth, the actual truth, clear as the purest water and without nuance or distortion. We may deceive others. We may deceive ourselves. God is not deceived and sees all of us as we really are, with greater clarity than we will ever see ourselves.

So every bit of our darkness is present to God. Everything we’d rather die than reveal about ourselves is in broad daylight in God’s view. The thoughts we would never tell anyone are as bright as morning in the presence of the One who lives without shadows. I, we, you are infinitely exposed in heaven even if we are expert in presenting carefully crafted images on earth.

Yet, we are loved. Deeply, profoundly, truly, and really, in ways beyond our imagination by the very One who knows more about us than we know of ourselves. If my closest acquaintances knew every nook and cranny of my soul, my thoughts, my temptations, my closeted pains,  and every hidden thing I’m not sure they would be my friends. The darkness, the darkness I struggle against, could easily overwhelm them. Still, God, aware of it all, loves, you, me, the world, and every living soul. Not just superficially, but with a depth that human intellect will never fully grasp.

All that I can offer in return is my awe, my surrender, and my life.

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