Here’s the Bad News…

Life as a Christian is tough and probably going to get tougher. If you wish to be an observant Christian in this culture you’re going to struggle, face temptations and challenges, endure the hardships of being a perpetual outsider, and be constantly faced with the sins of the world and your own.

The days of easy culturally accepted Christian Faith are over, have been for some time. In the years to come there will be fewer places to run, fewer places to hide, and even the most benign forms of observant Christianity will increasingly be seen as a public scandal. You’ve been warned. Prepare for it now, not like some sort of “prepper” hiding out in the woods waiting for an apocalypse but rather by increasingly cultivating within yourself a prayerful, peaceful, and holy life, a life centered on Jesus Christ.

Now here’s the good news.

As things darken the contrast  between light and dark will grow. The good in you, if it is the good of God, will shine brighter than ever as the world around you grows more bleak. In this contrast, vividly displayed in our own lives, will be a message for those many who are looking to escape the madness of our times. It won’t be a message of superiority, of self-righteousness, of uncritical judgment, or of false holiness, but rather an invitation, couched in the moments of your life, to encounter the living Christ who is, was, and always will be the Light of the world.

There will be more dark times ahead but it is the darkness before morning. We humans are stubborn, incorrigible, and full of ourselves. Trials, large and small, may sometimes be the only way God can get our attention and draw us from the sickness of the world to the life He wishes us to share with Him. If we cannot learn by being wise we often learn by experiencing struggle, the results of our own inclinations that God can use for the greater and eternal good. Yet God is still God and the Light that He shines in the world, and the people who struggle to keep that Light alive in themselves, will never ultimately perish from the Earth.

This is no time for fear, this is, rather, a time to respond to the world we see around us by drawing closer to God. As we do this we ourselves will change, and, in time, so will this desperate world. In Christ, by Christ, and with Christ we are the revolution we’ve been waiting for.


One thought on “Here’s the Bad News…”

  1. Good post. We are living in a time where it is tough to be a Christian.

    Jesus warned us this would happen when He said that we will be hated for folliwing Him. At least we can know, eveytime we experience hate, that we are doing something right.


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