The Dry Times Come…

and the past few months have been dry, restless, challenging, and spiritually thin. There are things that I’ve wanted to do for decades that still haven’t happened and things I need to do that I’m not crazy about. There are places where I am and places where I want to be. There are dreams that remain unfulfilled and realities that have worn me down. Woven in and through it all is the sense that time is short and growing shorter.

These things happen, even when you’re a Priest. No collar makes you immune from the cares of life, or, for that matter, a heavy dose of mid-life crisis. Like everyone else you ask questions, wonder if you did or are doing the right thing, and sometimes ponder the life that could have been if you had, say, went to law school instead of seminary.

So what do you do? Like anyone else you figure out what things you can do something about and in what order they can be done. Then you pray and think and work and risk and second guess. All the kinds of things that everyone else does. Oh, and you hope that the dry times will someday end, someday feel the first drops of holy rain on the parched earth of your soul.

They do, they will, but until then you wait.

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