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“Orthodoxy is not here by accident.”

The early immigrants would probably not have understood the meaning or implication of those words.  It is for the generations after them to understand that God used the immigration for His own purposes, and to incarnate those words into action.  America has yet to hear the Orthodox word – a word that is neither Roman Catholic nor Protestant but which echoes and resonates with the unbroken vision and preaching of earliest Christianity.  Orthodoxy was brought to America through Alaska.  Their writings and labor reveal that the original Russian missionaries keenly felt that “Orthodoxy is not here by accident” – a conviction affirmed in 1970 by the bishops of the Russian Church who gave us our “autocephaly.”  However this autocephaly will be worked out or altered in the future, mission to and for America  –  in all of its dimensions – must remain the focus and work of this generation of Orthodox Christians – because Orthodoxy is not here by accident, but by the wisdom and providence of the Lord.

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