On Father’s Day…

My father has been with the Lord for almost twenty years. His own father passed away when he was a young boy and times were tough for my father growing up. Everything about being a dad he had to learn while we were arriving because there had been no one to teach him. I remember my dad sacrificing for us, riding the bike to work instead of the car to save money, wearing shoes for years, fishing trips with each of us, all kinds of little things so that we would have some of the things that eluded him in his childhood. My dad worked hard, maybe too hard, but we were never hungry, always had a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs, all the things that were not so certain when he was growing up. My prayer is that on this day, like all the others, he has found his rest in the arms of the God he loved, because when he prayed and spoke of heaven with tears in his eyes we saw the man he really was.

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