I Hate Writing…

about politics these days because so much of the news is dismal and my soul is darkened when I wallow in the controversies of the world. Yet when I do speak, because sometimes it is a necessity, I try to speak for freedom, for that which would be good, for solutions, and hopefully not for the degradation of any person. Of course I fail at this sometimes and when this happens I need to step back, calm my passions, and focus on the things and the One that really matters.

That’s what really counts. I will speak for human dignity and freedom. I will seek justice as best as I can understand it. I will do my best to not harm or belittle anyone along the way.  Yet above all I hope to keep myself on the Beautiful Path that is the Christian life and help any others who might like to come along. Beyond specific issues I believe this is the best way to make any society better, to help the transformation of people from within by the grace of God in Christ.

Princes, rulers, governments, they come and go and are never a place to store ultimate trust. God and the life that God offers are what lasts and remains. I will speak and write of many things but cling only to that.


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