Someone Once Said…

“Enter into Orthodoxy walking forward and singing and not walking backward and shouting.”

I’ve been many places on my way to Orthodoxy and all of them, even the crazy ones, were a necessary part of the journey. The people who were there, the people who mentored me, who cared for me, who taught me, all of them were part of the plan. Even the mistakes I made were steps along the way. When I made it through the gates of Orthodoxy there was no reason to vilify everything that had gone before or the people who were along the path.  After all, they helped me get where I am and for that I am grateful.

So, if you’re somewhere along the way cherish each moment and each person. For the present they may not be traveling on the same road but they are now and always will be a part of your life. Its the same with the places and parishes along the way. You don’t have to prove you’re Orthodox by flinging curses on your own history. Thank God for where you are, pray for everyone, and enter the gates with joy.

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