You are the counter culture…

If you have decided to live an observant Christian life in these United States you are the counter-culture.  The guy with the green hair? He’s got a TV show. The people waving rainbow flags? They’re in the Legislature. The girl who used to go behind the school and smoke weed is now a corporate vice president.  The wild rocker now has their own line of clothing for sale.

It’s all upside down and deviancy has become the new norm while what used to be considered, at least grudgingly, “Normal”, is the new sideshow. Step right up and see the girl without a pierced tongue! A guy waiting until he’s married to have sex? What’s wrong with this picture?

The unthinkable has become the standard. Sensible boundaries are punch lines. And you, the person trying to be an authentic Christian, in the middle of all this, are slowly becoming the enemy.

It’s because you believe in something more than your genitals.  It’s from asking a little question like “Why?” when the world is off on its mad consumerist binges. It’s the result of considering something more than the moment in your ethical deliberations. It’s all this and more and the corporate and political powers that be, the ones making money and extending influence by their merchandising of decadence, want you out of the way because you’re messing with the vibe.

So be prepared. Be prepared for people who openly ridicule who you are. Be prepared to be excluded because of your beliefs. Be prepared to have most people, even the ones you consider friends, to think of you, at best, as some kind of curiousity and at worst as a counter revolutionary. Be prepared even to have people who claim the title of “Christian” being among those who are blinded by your light.

Know for a while that this isn’t going to get better. We may be entering a new dark ages where the collapse of some semblance of Christian civilization gives way to increasing barbarism. Yet know this as well, you’re right. Not right as in perfect. Not right as in better than everyone else. Yet right in the sense that when you are moving towards Jesus you’re oriented in the right direction, even if you stumble sometimes.

Jesus told his followers “In the world you will have many troubles, but do not be dismayed for I have overcome the world.” True then, true now.  Hang on and we’ll make it through together.

6 thoughts on “You are the counter culture…

  1. What happened to you – this is the most amazing post you have ever written – calm, concise, incredibly written – I am energized more than ever to following Jesus – nothing else – wow!


  2. My daughter and I used to joke about so-called “alternative” culture. We’d say be alternative…like everyone else! However, I would say that if one looks at this from an historical perspective, “normal” has never truly existed. What people like to tout as ‘normal’…mom, flag, apple pie Americana has never really been the genuine norm. It’s what’s been put out there by advertisers for people to aspire to as normal. Even in the “good old days”, people still sinned, or did attention getting things. I don’t think any of us should strive to be “normal” or counterculture. We should live as God would have us to live, and never mind what others think.


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