The Question is…

whether the well planned protests and violence against our embassies in the Middle East will cause us to defend or back off from our value of free speech. If we back off then the thugs have won and it will be a tragedy perhaps even greater, in its own way, than the first 9/11.

Let me explain. I don’t like it when people portray Jesus in horrible ways, which, in this culture they often do because they know Christians are not going to blow up buildings and kill people. I’m offended by such things, often deeply, but I understand that the value of free speech is such that I will have to put up with offense at times and quite frankly I would rather do that than have a series of government or social editors screening what I should and shouldn’t see, hear, read, watch, you know the drill.

As I’ve been surveying the www it has come to my attention that a General in the US Military called the pastor who apparently is making a film in which Mohammed is a character and asked him to back away from the project. He has done this in his official capacity as a military officer. This has also happened, in my research, at least one time before in different circumstances and with a different general.

We can’t have that. I don’t know if this soon to be revealed film is offensive to Muslims, or at least the ones who like to burn things and kill people. Quite frankly I don’t care. Free speech means that people have a right to say offensive things, stupid things, heretical things, things I don’t like. It also means that I have the right to speak my mind and somebody may not like that but that’s just the way it goes. The freedom is essential to faith, to science, to everything that makes life in a civilized world possible and once we have people in official government capacities asking us to “tone it down” we’ve already slipped into slavery to fanatics and become less of who we are supposed to be.

As for the screaming crazies who like to burn and kill in the name of their “prophet” I only have this to say. If your “prophet” is so weak and sensitive that he can’t take even a little criticism without inciting mayhem why do you believe in his revelation?

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