The Thing About…

being a Christian is that you’re always living up to your Truth and that’s okay.

You see, there’s a trap in seeing being a Christian as a state you’ve achieved by virtue of a prayer or a decision made in a point of time or some sacramental action. These are part of things but it leaves out half the equation. There’s a whole lot of life left after you come up from the font or walked the sawdust trail and if you think you’ve arrived you’re in for a surprise.

You, I, we all will find out that as follower of Christ we are most certainly on to something, indeed I would suggest that in the end it’s the only thing. Yet it’s something so much bigger than us that it takes an eternity to work out in our lives.

When we think we’ve got it something will remind us we’re on the way but still have some traveling to do. It keeps us humble. It helps us understand the much larger picture. It gives us hope to carry on when the life we live and the life we wish are not the same. It solves a lot of problems because it explains the difference between the Truth we hold and the conduct of our lives and challenges us to narrow that gap. It frees us from the tyranny of having to pretend we’re already perfect and releases us to the joy of the most holy of journeys, the path to God.

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