A Thought…

The mind of a utopian needs a scapegoat, something or someone other than the failure of their own ideas to explain away the difficulties in their perfect world. Increasingly in this culture that role is being assigned to observant Christians who are considered to be enemies of progress, people whose quaint ideas and regressive lifestyles stand in the way of achieving, in real life, the utopian world of the imagination. Words like “tolerance” and “diversity” in this utopian realm have become, over the years, detached from their normal meaning and instead have become an ideology of exclusion, a marker of those who belong to the new order and a tool for the marginalization of those who for whatever reason disagree. The idea is that if these people are rendered marginal, ineffective, or become objects of cultural scorn that the hoped for ideal world will emerge. It won’t, of course, because the core of a utopian world view is a primal selfishness and eventually consumes itself but many may have to experience extreme hardship until the people who have ignored history relearn its very basic lessons.

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