I am convinced…

that, in the end, a Christian sexual ethic will triumph. This is because it most agrees with human happiness and design as it comes from the Designer. The problem is that we currently live in an age of arrogance, an age when all prior wisdom is considered suspect and knowledge that may appear to have spiritual sources even more so. So the ideas and wisdom formed over millenia of human experience are being disregarded in the belief they are shackles to progress rather than wisdom transcending time.

Of course it’s not so. Every generation thinks they invented sex and yet somehow doesn’t recall how they themselves got here. There is nothing new under the sun and our religious belief that somehow there is something new under the sun and that we are its source will eventually play out under the constant barrage of historical truth rooted in actual human experience and not utopian desire. We’re already seeing that happen in the great silent experience of people who’ve bought into our lies and have yet to voice their struggles.

Yet to get back to that place of respect and understanding, that place where we come to realize that the ideas that became traditional may just have become so because they, in fact, work in the world as it is and not as we think it should be, we are going to suffer. History is going to repeat itself because we are refusing to listen. Our current generation of lonely, broken, STD ridden people thinking that just breaking down one more barrier will be the key to love and happiness are going to find out they are wrong as have every generation before them which tried the same experiment. We will learn, the old lessons will be reaffirmed, but it will be by hard trial and painful experience and who knows how many generations and lives it will cost before sanity returns?

In that day the people now called homophobes, prudes, and regressives will be considered prophets and sages and those who continued to observe the Christian sexual ethic in the face of society’s barrages will be considered the forerunners of a new and better way of life. 

Those who decided to flow with current will, if they remain alive, need us to help them pick up the pieces and try to make some sense out of the damage.  And we will, because the love of Christ that motivates all true chastity also calls us to bind the wounds of those who have experienced the pains of its abandonment.

Until then we wait, watch, pray, and work for the greater good, even if the “greater” hates us for doing it.

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