The Truth Is…

I’ve gotten tired of all the shuffling and moving and behind the scenes stuff that seems to characterize the Orthodox headlines these days. It just seems like it’s all about keeping the Church in stasis through continued organizational crises. It’s a perfect plan. Keep the Church immobilized with questions of titles and politics while the rest of the world slides off the deep end without any help.

Imagine how different things would be if we were arguing about how best to serve the poor and needy. What if our debates were about strategies for the conversion of America? What if our mighty struggles were about how best to deepen our knowledge and practice of the Faith? How would it be if we just prayed a minute for each minute spent on Facebook or blogs arguing the minute details of who gets what?

I think there’s only one viable solution. All of us removed from the trappings of power simply  need to do and be what we except our leaders to do and be and let the holiness and sense of purpose in us flow until its sweet water washes over our parishes and the greater culture.

Don’t wait to be led to pray, pray now. Serve the poor. Witness to the Gospel. Grow in your faith. Do good. Give alms. Worship with passion. Seek holiness in your own life and in doing so it will create a climate of holiness that will trickle up, through, and around the Church.

In time if the people will lead the leaders will follow.

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