From time to time the title of this blog may be puzzling to some. What does “150 Knots” mean?

Well, it’s not about ships or planes it’s about prayer ropes. Orthodox Christians can carry prayer ropes each knot of which can be used to guide the person as they pray the “Jesus prayer” (Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner).¬† A rather lengthy one would have 150 individual knots, each of which who be one supplication.

In these days there are all kinds of arguments over what should be done about the state of things. I can think of only one, pray. Enter into deep prayer and the Holy Spirit will guide us into what we need, how to live in this world, and what God would have us do.

When I’m overwhelmed it’s the least and the best I can do. Grab a prayer rope, say the Jesus prayer for myself, for the world, for everything, and then rest in God. Sometimes its about a few knots. Lately its about 150.

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