On Affirmation…

Christianity affirms you but not in the way affirmation is generally presented in this culture. In fact Christianity may not affirm your present emotions, state of being, practices, or relationships. It’s very possible that Christianity will say to you, to me, to us all “No, that’s not acceptable.” So if you’re looking for a religion to simply embrace you wherever you are at any given moment Christianity is not for you. Christianity does, however, affirm the person you can become in God and it understands that it is this person, and not the person dancing with thoughts, feelings, and ever-changing desires in any given moment that is actually the “real” you. The path that Christ lays out is not about simply baptizing whatever it is you desire to be but rather to make you what you were designed to be, a human in communion with God.  It would be easier, of course, especially in the short run for Christianity to just baptize anything we want, but that would be settling for less, and always having to settle for less is a kind of hell in the midst of life.

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