It's True…

God loves you no matter who you are and what you’ve done.

But why?

God’s love has purpose. The purpose is to draw us up and out of wherever we are, even if that appears to be a good place, and draw us to closer to that which is truly good, a living and vital union with our Creator.

That might entail some difficulty, some transformation and change on our part. We, though we are created in God’s image, still have been made sick by sin and death. Our judgement is not always true. Our insight is not always keen. Our chosen paths, even the pleasurable ones, are not always right.

It is ever so much easier to say “God loves me just as I am” because there is a fragment of truth in that and that fragment can help us keep up the charade while avoiding the possibility of our little worlds being upset. God loves us as we are but the end of that love is not affirming our sicknesses and struggles but rather to work for our healing, our betterment, and perhaps, one day, shine in his uncreated light. Anything less sells both God’s love and ourselves short.

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