Reason #2579 Why I'm Orthodox…

How glorious art Thou in the springtime, when every creature awakes to new life and joyfully sings Thy praises with a thousand tongues. Thou art the Source of Life, the Destroyer of Death. By the light of the moon, nightingales sing, and the valleys and hills lie like wedding garments, white as snow. All the earth is Thy promised bride awaiting her spotless husband. If the grass of the field is like this, how gloriously shall we be transfigured in the Second Coming after the Resurrection! How splendid our bodies, how spotless our souls!

Glory to Thee, bringing from the depth of the earth an endless variety of colours, tastes and scents
Glory to Thee for the warmth and tenderness of the world of nature
Glory to Thee for the numberless creatures around us
Glory to Thee for the depths of Thy wisdom, the whole world a living sign of it
Glory to Thee; on my knees, I kiss the traces of Thine unseen hand
Glory to Thee, enlightening us with the clearness of eternal life
Glory to Thee for the hope of the unutterable, imperishable beauty of immortality
Glory to Thee, O God, from age to age

Read all of it here.

7 thoughts on “Reason #2579 Why I'm Orthodox…

  1. As you’ve read, Padre, I, too, love this Akathist. My parish does this twice a year, Thanksgiving and New Years. But, this year, we had a unique opportunity to go to the local Methodist Seminary and present something about Orthodox Worship. So Fr Ted and our Choir Director (along with what choir members could make it) offered “Glory to God for All Things”.

    We did this, just a couple weeks ago, during the fourth week of Great Lent (so it was like the seventh inning stretch) on a gorgeous Spring morning. Glory, indeed! It seemed that the words really hit home that morning moreso than at any other time. Maybe I’m getting older? maybe it was Lent? or the early morning? or the different setting?

    I hope you will have an opportunity to serve this Akathist as well. If ever you are in Dayton, OH, we are all at St Paul’s. If I and my Husband are ever in your area…I sing soprano and I can direct choirs. Ya never know… šŸ˜‰


    1. Your post inspired me and I’ve had the CD of this done by St. Ignatius Church in Madison, WI, in my car’s cd for a bit. Good to listen to on the morning rush.


      1. I also posted your blog post to my facebook account as a recommended read. Hopefully it will bring some traffic your way.


      2. Thank you! I’m grateful! Thanks be to God…

        My little blog is nothing special, really. It’s just an opportunity to share with some friends of mine what I am thinking about and what I am finding in Orthodoxy. I converted almost seven years ago, and most of my friends think I have lost my mind in some paroxysm of grief (my first Husband had recently died) and middle agedness.

        Maybe I have. Don’t the Gospels say something about the wise being foolish and the fools being wise?


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