The Snow has Fallen…

the sky is brightening, but spring is close and the ground remains covered in several feet of white. Here in Minnesota they can say all they want about the seasons but winter is over when it decides to be over and not a moment earlier. Sometimes there’s nothing to do but wait.

It can be a hateful time, this waiting, because the months have dragged on, the cold has not let up, and something inside tells us that its time for the seasons to change. The days looking out the window and seeing gray sky married to white earth take their toll. By now we’re all used to the cold but used to it like a person comes to term with an inch they can’t scratch. In times like these a living blade of grass would be a treasure and we bathe in the sunshine that fights its way through to our windows.

Patience, though, because we know it will end. Spring will come on its own terms, when it knows the world is ready. The creation groans and God responds. So one day at a time.

Reason #2579 Why I'm Orthodox…

How glorious art Thou in the springtime, when every creature awakes to new life and joyfully sings Thy praises with a thousand tongues. Thou art the Source of Life, the Destroyer of Death. By the light of the moon, nightingales sing, and the valleys and hills lie like wedding garments, white as snow. All the earth is Thy promised bride awaiting her spotless husband. If the grass of the field is like this, how gloriously shall we be transfigured in the Second Coming after the Resurrection! How splendid our bodies, how spotless our souls!

Glory to Thee, bringing from the depth of the earth an endless variety of colours, tastes and scents
Glory to Thee for the warmth and tenderness of the world of nature
Glory to Thee for the numberless creatures around us
Glory to Thee for the depths of Thy wisdom, the whole world a living sign of it
Glory to Thee; on my knees, I kiss the traces of Thine unseen hand
Glory to Thee, enlightening us with the clearness of eternal life
Glory to Thee for the hope of the unutterable, imperishable beauty of immortality
Glory to Thee, O God, from age to age

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There is a Warm Wind…

blowing across the city tonight.
Windows are rolled down.
Curtains float in the air.
Furnaces are silent.
The grass is brown but not for long.
The trees are bare but budding.
People are stirring from their slumber.
Its late in winter but there is a warm wind
blowing over the city.
The world seems to know
its time for a new skin.

Your Spring…

has come early this year.
The air is warm.
The earth gives up its cold.
Ice becomes fresh water.
Trees and people wake from their winter slumber.
So it is with me.
I am waiting for Your spring.
Tired and frosted, my face turns towards Your sun.
Out from snowy darkness and bathed in light.


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