Kooky Stuff…

happens during Lent, Expect it.

I remember listening a Priest who said “Every Lent I get a craving for McDonald’s Hamburgers and I don’t even like them.” And the stories could go on about weird cravings, coincidences, unexpected changes, fatigues, the whole run of things that somehow manage to pop up at Lent.

If you’re really making some kind of effort to grow as a Christian, to face your deficiencies and seek healing and forgiveness just expect this kind of thing. There’s a world out there that really doesn’t get it. There is, as well, another team on the field defending itself against any increase in goodness. When you try to get out of the larger culture’s rat race and live by higher rules you’re swimming upstream, against the current, and yes there’s even bears, as it were, trying to take you out with one swipe of their paw.

Just know this stuff is going to happen. If you fall back, get up again. If the pressure gets to be too much rest a bit and then start up again. Run the gauntlet knowing that God is with you and willing to help every step along the way.

And laugh at the kooky stuff because you know its coming.

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