The Sixth Man…

It seems that I’ve come back home to be on the road again.

Priests need vacations. There are meetings to attend. Family calls. Time for rest from the battle. Then the phone rings and the road beckons. A service here, then down the road for another. Gaps in the coverage get filled. Meet new people and see the world, or at least the upper midwest.

Some day I may not be the sixth man but its good for now. The travel is fun, the people are kind, the challenges are interesting. Some times you plan for things and sometimes things plan for you. Either way it’s all in God’s hands. Next Sunday it’ll be home at St. George.  Then vacation.  Then one more Sunday home before serving at Family Camp in Wisconsin. Then Liturgy at the Skete followed by a trip to Cedar Rapids, Iowa and back home…

It’s just good to do what I can…

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