perhaps not the real season yet, but psychological, spiritual, emotional fall is descending on Minnesota. The State Fair has ended, yes up here in fly over country we still, thankfully, mark time by such things, and Labor Day is closing fast. Summer ends, at least in our hearts when school begins.

The air has cooled. The sun brightens. The nights grow noticeably longer but the air is fresh, free of summer’s humid grip. Everything that can grow, has, and now its just a matter of time and fortune to harvest. Soon the colors will come.

Everything in Minnesota is a balance. The winters are fierce and cold but the soil is fertile. Summers are humid and warm but everything is green. It takes time for spring to pry winter’s fingers off the world but then all of this place is full of its life-giving water. And fall, the time, they say, when all things begin to die, and yet it’s beginnings are the most pleasant time of year, a world cool to the touch and aflame with color. We take vacations now it’s that good.

In a moment or two I will be off, away from the computer and off to the store. We’ll pick up some food, my wife and I, and find a spot on the St. Croix River to have a picnic. The sun will be warm, the air will be cool, the river will flow south eventually to the Gulf of Mexico but I’m glad that I’m right where I am.

See you later…


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