It's that I don't like…

what they do to me, the gossip blog sites in Orthodoxy, that has made me reconsider the time I have spent reading and occasionally writing in them. They seem, especially lately, to be mostly about anger and finding a way to one up each other. It’s like a kid’s game except for the fact that real people’s lives and reputations are being handled like yesterday’s trash.

I know there are problems , the Church is full of human beings. It was that way and will continue to be that way. I just am weary of people thinking that shouting at each other and name calling is going to help us through, it won’t. The longer I read sites like and and a host of others with some dog in this fight the more weary I become. How can any one person continue to fuel such things and not have their soul begin to feel like a rock in their guts?

I don’t know. But I’m done. Let them shout at each other all they want. I’ve got better things to do like praying for our Bishops, doing the best I can to serve people, and not trying to burn my precious life energy on trying to control anyone but me. God knows what we need and God will provide.


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  1. I’m not even Orthodox, and I feel the same way. I only found those sites in my search for the true church. I see that like every other group of humans out there, the Orthodox have their fair share of sinners who are not even trying to be saints. Being in northern MN, my Orthodox choices are limited to 2 Serbian parishes served by the same priest, or one OCA whose priest lives 40 miles from the church (80 miles from me). All three are about 40 miles from me. I hope the OCA can get back to the business of spreading the Gospel and restoring its parishes on the Range.


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