Blogs and such…

I’m trying to wean myself off from blogs.

I suppose this is an odd place to say that but the truth is I’m looking for solutions and so much of the blogosphere is about questions and not answers. It’s easy to critique, but hard to propose workable solutions. It’s like “I get it, you think the President is terrible but what I want to know is how you would make it better.” It’s at that point that many blogs just go silent. What we end up with is an electronic sea of critique but no one who has anything better to say, do, or a direction to help us out.

Way back when I started this blog out as “The Traveling Priest Chronicles” as a way for people to have sort of a rolling diary of an Orthodox Priest. Too many times people see us as this presence in black and I felt it would be good to pull the curtain back a bit so people could see the “John” behind Fr. John. Along the way I’ve picked bits and pieces of stuff from the sacred to the profane in the hope of adding something people might enjoy. My audience is small, I’m no internet celebrity Priest, but I do cherish the visits and the comments.

Most of all I wanted to avoid just griping about the world without at least attempting to provide some answers, even if the answers are encased in stories. Above all I’ve attempted to direct people to Jesus, who is THE answser, not just in some spiritual ethereal way but for everything that happens from the moment you wake up in the morning. That has never changed.

Yea, the world is nuts, probably always has been and probably always will be to the very last day. There isn’t a day that goes by without me wishing I had the power to change things. If I could only be emperor of the world for one day! Yet, thank God that I’ll never have that opportunity because I doubt I would be any better than any of the people who tried to take on that role before me. I just see Jesus and I hope I can crawl along through all of this with enough awareness of who He is and what He means to make me less a part of the problem and more a part of the solution.

In the end that’s enough. It’ll have to be because its all I can do.

0 thoughts on “Blogs and such…

  1. Good, sober thoughts. I think it is a lot simpler than we make it out to be. “To the making of many blogs there is no end…. with greater knowledge comes greater pain.” 🙂


  2. On blogging’s negativity –

    I read your link to the article which suggests the Bible may be true. The comment section is astoundingly contentious. I suppose it is the nature of the medium. If you wean yourself from blogs, I hope that means the reading of blogs and not the writing of blog posts.


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