Kristo Azukkide…

And on this night
When hell is broken and withered
Where light ineffable pierces gloom of night
Angels sing, with choirs of saints beyond number
Those who wait in shadows
See sunlight with the break of morning

And on this night
I see Your grave, and mine to come
Without fear and without the eyes of shame
All things fade away and so will I
Yet Your grave is clean and bright and empty
and this will stay the same.

And on this night
I, dressed in joyful white and fatigued in grace
Sing Life at an altar made with mortal hands
My music awaits another place and time
A purer lyric, illumined words
At an altar transcending time itself.

And on this night
The dark has lost its peril
Across the world the voices call Your praise
In hope and  knowing Life itself prevails
Accept this gift of mortals who see in You their hope
and grant us Light which never fades away.

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