People Have Forgotten…

I think, that the Liturgy is a most powerful weapon in the cause of good in the world. In the Divine Liturgy we gather and collectively pray for welfare of the entire Church and the world. These collective prayers are powerful forces of good.  The worship of God releases tremendous grace not just for us but for all that ails the world. When people worship God the powers of evil tremble and darkness is destroyed. When people share in the Eucharist, the very reality of Christ, they are profoundly and deeply transformed from darkness to light. The worship of God is perhaps the most revolutionary act a person can do in this sad, broken, world. No one who truly worships is left unchanged and no darkness can last forever in any place where there is worship. There are many tasks to accomplish in this world, there is much work to be done, but the most profound and powerful thing we can do, the root of all the other good things we are charged with, is the worship of God in the Liturgy and in our lives.

One thought on “People Have Forgotten…

  1. This is wonderful. I am in the process of becoming Orthodox and what you have written is how I feel about it and why I want so badly to wholly participate in the liturgy.


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