If You Want…

to create a race of slaves the first thing you need to do is get them addicted, to drugs, to sex, to IPads, to money, to fame, to whatever is new and shiny, the list goes on. When people are thus addicted they can be rendered captive to their emotions, their desires, their need for things, and any and all means to acquire the object of their addiction. If you control the supply of whatever is desirable and worthy of a person’s addiction you will rule. If you are the addict you will be the ruled. Once you remove God or any sense of the transcendent from the people you have addicted, thus denying any recourse to something larger, better, or a standard of justice to which all are held accountable, the slavery will be complete. The few will become powerful and the addicted masses will remain passive, lost in the haze of the material world which marks their bondage.

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