A Plea…

So they believe they found chemical weapons in Syria and they believe that they were used by the government so I guess the best solution is to take a side in this civil war and add even more munitions and death into the mix. Plus we get the human and financial costs of potentially being in another limitless foreign war. I believe we can do better than this. I believe our foreign policy should be one of non intervention in the affairs of other nations except to provide completely humanitarian (non lethal) aid. I believe its time for the United States to end its role as the self appointed police force of the world. I believe the passion, expertise, and creativity of this country should be directed to bettering the human condition and not the production and distribution of weapons across the globe. I believe the best defense of this country is to use our immense resources for saving and not taking life. We need to change the world by being a beacon of hope and not simply the worlds largest purveyor of deadly force. We need to inspire rather than coerce. We need to serve rather than rule. We need to share hope and not just ammunition. Can this happen? Yes, when people begin to practice peace themselves and refuse to give their leaders a blank check when they keep asking us for our money and our sons and daughters for their grand illusions.

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