An Old Friend Visits…

Had a return visit from my old friend, atrial fibrillation, last night. I say “old friend” with a bit of sarcasm yet it also is an old friend in the sense that, while it’s not fatal, feeling your heart go bump in the night does help you sort out the things that matter from those that don’t. Even illness can be a source of blessing for those who let the weakness and struggle draw them away from the things that mean little and towards the things, and the One, that endure.

Of course I wish it was different and I wish it would go away. It’s hard to feel your heart struggle to get back into a normal rhythm. Yet I was born in God’s care, I live my life in God’s care, and I will pass into eternity in God’s care. One day, if the Lord tarries, my body will be a thin line in the ground, earth to earth awaiting the resurrection. So it should be no surprise when, even now, it manifests some of its struggles that will eventually, but temporarily as Christians know, cease its earthly journey.

Until then I plan on living a life as close to the coming eternity as possible and my prayer is that things that, like my heart, sometimes go bump in the night will not draw my away from the narrow but beautiful path. Your prayers would be appreciated as well.

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