may wonder why I talk, write, sing, blog, and post so much related to Jesus. You need to know it’s not about you, as if I live on some higher plane, it’s about me.

I need a teacher, we all need a teacher but I do in particular. Life is hard, challenging, sometimes a complete mystery, and more often than not it pins the needle on the perplexing meter. I’m not the smartest person in the world on all of it. There are many who are wiser and better at this whole life thing than I am. Yet I think I’m smart enough to realize that I can’t do it all on my own.

I need not just smarts but real wisdom. I need not just knowledge but truth. I need to see not just the moment but the larger picture. Therefore I need a teacher, someone to stand outside of me and yet be intimately within my life. I need a teacher to keep my vision beyond the moment and to lovingly help me out when I get stuck, which is often. I need a teacher to correct me when I’m wrong, not for the sake of punishment but for my longer term good.

There’s a lot of false in this world, a lot of distractions, deep holes along the way, and blind alleys. I’d like to miss most of them if I could. So I need someone else’s eyes along the path and some kind of light when the darkness comes. What matters and what doesn’t? I don’t always know, so I’ll take as much outside help as I can. Life is precious, and short, so why not get all the stuff you need to live it well?

Among the other things that Jesus is to me, He is my teacher. This doesn’t mean I’m always the best pupil or that I remember all the lessons. Yet since we all have to have a teacher of some sort I believe I’ve got the best there is. So His words, His thoughts, His life, all of them are part of me and everything I do and try to be. Because of that whatever of Him that is in me also flows out of me and you’ll see it here and hopefully in my life as well.

And when the whole thing is done I’d like people to remember, first of all, that I tried to be a Christian. After that everything else, even the best of it, will find its own level.

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