It Seems Like…

winter has been going on and on. Snow is still on the ground. The temperatures are well below average. The sky is gray.

I’d like it to be over today or tomorrow at the latest. A week of 50’s and 60’s should do the trick. Just that should take out the snow, turn the grass green, and clean the alley of its frozen ruts. If I had my way that’s how I’d make things happen. Why not even throw a 70 degree day in for good measure?

Except I would be wrong.

We’ve had a lot of snow in the past month and the ground has been frozen since last November. If the snow melts in a few days the ground will still be cold and hard, unable to absorb the water. All the benefits of the moisture will be lost as it runs off the lawn and into the ponds and rivers without seeping in to nourish the anticipated spring growth. Worse yet, basements and streets will flood as the water makes its way downhill.

The best of all possible worlds is what’s happening right now. A slow rise in temperature allowing the ground to thaw and absorb the melting snow. Spring, even if its late, has to come on a larger schedule driven by forces beyond my desire. What I want and what is good are not always the same thing. Now if I can remember that for the rest of life I may become wise.

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