A New Cassock…

Vestments can be expensive and no vestment is more personal to a Priest or Deacon than the cassock. It can be worn in many different circumstances and in some ways is the “signature” vestment of an Orthodox Priest. For years I have either not had one or used hand me downs that worked but were ill- fitting. God has blessed us with a little extra money and today I have purchased this cassock. After all what do Priest’s do with extra money? Buy books and vestments!  It’s style is Bulgarian I like the lines and added a few extras like a pocket (you never know when you need one) and some collar and sleeve embroidery. I like wearing a cassock at church because it reminds me of who I’m supposed to be and where it is I actually am. Yes, I am excited to get it because I truly enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures, getting a package in the mail.


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