if suddenly we would become aware of all the blessings, including the small and invisible, that God has provided for us? What would happen if every small breath and beat of our heart was a reminder of the One who holds things together? So often we travel through life unaware of the sea of blessings in which we swim because we presume that God’s blessings are large, grand, and extravagant. Most, however, are quiet. They flow in and out of our lives in near anonymity. The breath that comes in and out. The heart that beats. The light of morning.

If we were to become aware of the myriad of ways that God’s life intersects our own, the thousand silent blessings that surround us,  we should be changed forever. So much of what we think matters would not, So many things of importance would fade away to be replaced by that which is better and higher.  May we be changed forever.

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