On the Morning After…

the winners will celebrate, the losers will evaluate, and the problems will remain the same. We’re in debt more than our entire economy can pay and spiritually living off the fumes of a morality we’ve decided to jettison. The bill collector is here and we’re stuck fumbling around our pockets trying to find something besides lint.

You’d think that someone would be seeing all of this and saying “This is nuts, we can’t live like this.” Yet the word on the street is still “There’s more of everything and less of whatever you feel might restrict your inhibitions.”  Just one step farther, Just one more denial of reality. A little more bending of the natural order should do the trick. Walk towards the deep end and just hope that somehow, something, technology, the economy, a new discovery, will help us grow the legs we need to keep from drowning.

It won’t work, of course and it doesn’t make a difference who proposed what. Over the flow of human history the natural order of things cannot be denied any more than building cities along the ocean can prevent storms. Something will have to give and deep down inside we know its true even as we do our best to pretend its not really happening.

There is, however, a way but its not a political, economic, or social way out of all of this mess. We have to be transformed, each of us, from the inside out by something larger than ourselves because politics, economics, and social tinkering are just too small to do the job the way it needs to be done. There is simply no god less than God who can make this happen.

Of course this path, this way provides no money for people building the useless junk they say we need to be happy, It also provides few followers for the peddlers of utopian politics. So the larger world, so invested in its delusion will will fight back, hard.  It’s difficult too because we’ve all been so bent out of shape by all of this that getting back even to some semblance of right will take much effort.

Yet it can be done. .

Come unto me all you who are burdened and heavy laden, Jesus says, and I will give you rest. That, according to Jesus, is where the real fix starts, the real change begins, and the substance of what you were looking for emerges.

Find this and you’ll leave the morning after for the morning that never ends.

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