Dear Vikings Fans…

it’s a pretty good feeling to be sitting at 4-1 right now, especially after last season and the tough times we’ve had. Let’s enjoy it but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The NFL is designed for parity, that is a deliberate attempt to spread the wealth when it comes to wins. Not so good teams, like last year’s version of the Vikings, get easier schedules the next year. Good teams, like last year’s Packers, get harder ones. The idea, at least in theory, is that on any given Sunday or any given season the wins and losses MAY be spread around and people will keep on paying attention to a team because there is a probability of winning or staying in contention. Of course, it doesn’t always work this way, but it’s designed to have us believe that this year our team could win and that keeps the money flowing.

Yet we Vikings fans seem to run hot and cold. Win a few games and we’re off to the Super Bowl. Lose a few and we want everyone fired. I get it, we’ve come close but have never made it to the top. So we desperately want our team to win even as we brace ourselves for disappointment. There’s a better way.

Simply enjoy each game, one at a time, neither projecting success too far ahead or collapsing in despair. Have fun on Sunday, yell, be with friends, cheer the team, and have a good time. Each moment of success is a plus, and when a loss comes, and it will, don’t write off the team forever. It’s just football. If the whole thing gets out of hand why just take a good walk outside and get some fresh air.

That all being said, this season has been, so far, a nice ride and I hope it continues. There are some tough teams ahead in the schedule and the meat of the divisional play doesn’t come for a while so just hold on and enjoy the trip.

Skol, Vikings!

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