I've Just Woken Up…

from a most beautiful dream as I often dream deeply in the early morning.

I was in an Orthodox Church and it seemed it was just before the service. As I left the sanctuary I saw a former parishioner of St. George Church, George Strickland, who recently reposed after an illness,  censing the church. This caught my attention and I came up to him and said “George what are you doing?” There was no answer but I gave him a hug, he was a big guy and although his sickness had taken the weight off he was healthy. In the dream I recognized that he had died and I asked him if he was okay. He responded “Yes” and then I asked him if he was with Jesus and he answered “Yes.” He then said to me “I’m praying for you.” and the dream ended as I walked the streets of a town elated and light in spirit.

May God give rest to the soul of His servant George and great comfort through this dream to His handmaid, Jennie, who stood by George as his wife, caregiver, and friend in George’s journey.

One thought on “I've Just Woken Up…

  1. I’ve had similar dreams, Padre, after family members reposed (particularly my Father). What a blessing! Thank you for sharing; I find it to be much encouragement… Memory Eternal. Laura.


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