I Cherish…

the gift of the sun, its warmth, its brightness, is length in this season. Gray is common in Minnesota. Cold is as well. All sorts of foul weather make their presence known here where the plains and woods meet and we live in their swirling dance.

A day with sun, calm, bright, warm, and full of a kind of natural graciousness is a gift. A string of those days is more than we can ask. For those of us pale and weary from cold winds, leaden skies, and various precipitations they are signal that there may be, in fact, a heaven. Presuming we make it we’ll be sure when we see the forecast, sunny and pleasant, well, forever.

The clouds are rolling in again this morning. Pity. We’ll say,  as Minnesotans often do, “We need the moisture.” Its our way of rationalizing the whole thing rather than just packing up and moving. We actually remember pleasant days in these parts, they’re conversations starters, even with strangers, because its our common bond. Yesterday was one of them and now I’ll at least have something to talk about on the elevator ride.

“Wasn’t yesterday great?” “Yes” “I could sure use a few more days like that.” “Me, too.” And then its off to work.


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