We're Taking a Car…

down to Nashville this next week, the plane is just too much and sometimes its good to take some time on the road.

You see things in a different way along the road. Things are as they are, not just little squares of land or city lights 30,000 feet below. You realize that wherever you go is home to someone, the place where they are making their lives. In a certain way you get to be their guest and even if its just for a passing moment you share what they see every day.

Wecause they’re not taking the fast road either. We’ll miss Chicago, on purpose, and head down the middle of Illinois and through the south of the state. I lived in Illinois for two years but never left Chicago and I’m really interested in seeing what life is like in the real world.

Somewhere along the line we’ll make a big left turn and head towards Nashville, Murfreesboro, to be exact. It’s a business trip for one of us but for me its all about the ride. I plan on driving to Mississippi and Alabama¬† just because they’re there and I have a friend I’d like to see if time works out. Or maybe I’ll cancel it all and just lay around the hotel. I’ll make up my mind when I get there.

That’s why, after all, you take a car, make the ride, and live on your own schedule. That and you won’t be treated by your own government like a potential terrorist. Oh, and don’t forget the sheer pleasure of being able to roll down your window.

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