Good Friday…

What great mystery is this?
The sun turns dark as light perpetual emerges.
The eternal chooses death for the sake of the mortal.
The boasters have fled.
The meek keep vigil.
A pagan finds truth.
Priests remain in darkness.
A mother is given to a son.
A son is given to the ages.
The demons rejoice.
Hell is made ready for the taking.
The world kills its king.
Yet in death he becomes unconquerable.

What mystery is this?
A day called good.
While the humble weep.
The world is healed.
Its savior is wounded.
Love is shown as thorns.
Earth itself is shaken and groans.
Angels watch in wonder amazed.
So let us be, on this day and always.
Keeping watch ourselves as the story unfolds.
Hearts aflame with that which defies words.
Love unmeasurable for those who survey
this all, and understand.

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