It's a Good Day Today…

December 21, the day when everything changes.

The sun is low in the horizon. In a few hours winter will be here. There are cold weeks ahead and almost certainly snow. Yet its a good day, the day when everything changes.

Each day for half the coming year we add a little bit of daylight, sometimes just a minute or two. That’s okay. They add up, all those extra bits of sun, all those lessening shadows and collectively it means that whatever happens in the next few months can be endured because its is not inevitable.

Spring is inevitable. Even if its hovering around zero and a foot of snow has fallen its all a temporary thing. The little extra moments of sunshine, each one will not be denied. Winter pushes. They push back. In time they crush the snow and ice under its own weight and it disappears into the ground.

Yes, I know. What goes around comes around but for now it’s going to go my way. I’ll deal with June 21 when it comes. In its own way today is the first day of spring.

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