I'm not sure…

how it all came about but some time ago I stopped being interested in being erudite, wise, the person with all the right things to say, and the center of the party. I’ll never know all the quotes of the Fathers, never be conversant in the details and history of the rubrics, or laugh at a joke in Greek. I could try, I suppose, but the whole thing seems to me like too much work and extremely high maintenance.

Quite frankly I was never good at it. The whole attempt just felt awkward to me and so I suppose its just wise to let things ride. I’ve studied many things. I have read books.  I have degrees.  You’d want me on your side in a game of Trivial Pursuit, really. Yet in the end its all stuff and the world already has more stuff than it needs.

It’s good to be simple, to travel straight lines and have a sense of wonder. If I can love God that is enough. Time is short and knowledge for its own sake, or recognition, or any of those kinds of things are never eternal. The captain of the football team dies just like the person playing flute in the band and very little that we’re told is supposed to matter really does.  

Love God. Care for others. Live quietly in and on the Earth. There’s not much else after that which isn’t subject to the changes of the world, to the erosion of time. to mortality.

Just be simple, do good work, love others, and  live as best you can at peace.  The rest seems to be, well, just the rest.

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