The Wind is Chilly…

but the sun is bright and there is color left in the trees. The night was pleasant, restful, and morning came just when it needed to. The couch is restful and the window lets in all the world.

Everything ramps up from now. Preparation, driving, events, people to meet, things to do, places to go, and work to be done. Weekdays, weekends, it doesn’t matter and better busy than bored.

Yet this moment is good as well. Sun shining through the window. Leaves dancing in God’s good wind. A soft spot to sit and everywhere there is quiet in the house.

Soon enough the house will begin to stir. The TV will be on. The carts will be hungry. In its own way those are gifts, the sign of life in this place. But for this quiet moment before it all begins Lord, thank you.

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