We have this thing…

in Minnesota we call a “gawker’s block”. It’s about what happens on the commute when an accident occurs and everyone slows down or stops to take a look. The police are there, the ambulance is present, the fire department is on scene but somehow we feel that our own presence is needed to make everything better.

There are more and more sites on the www dedicated to the various troubles in various Orthodox jurisdictions here in the US. To the extent they may be the first ones to dial 911 at the scene they probably provide a service. But after that I think they rapidly become more like “Gawker’s Block”, just a bunch of people staring at the wreckage and slowing up traffic in the process.

Yes, sometimes I’m bothered by what I see and I want to do what I can to help. I speak. I write. I pray. Yet slowing down and staring at the scene, I’m not sure how helpful that is. God knows what’s going on, there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed matter how long or short your title may be.

Just pray, and drive on.

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