I’m not sure but it’s really creepy and I think the people who took these pictures, authorized them for the magazine, and especially the parents who let their 10 year old daughter pose for “Vogue” magazine need a real wake up call. The darkness of adults just seems to keep on being pushed on children.

0 thoughts on “Pedophilia?”

  1. We have sexualized children and continue to do so at a repugnant rate. Children’s clothes don’t even look like children’s clothes any longer – they look like adult clothes shrunken down for kids. Tube tops, halter tops, mini skirts, high heeled shoes, and makeup aimed at very young girls.

    I’m sure a lot had to do with making money, but I also see an agenda here akin to what we’ve seen in men’s fashion.


  2. There’s truth to that. I am also worried that the next step after the “normalizing” of same sex relationships with be lowering or abolishing the age of consent and attempts to “normalize” pedophilia. I think some of this is already well underway.


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